About Nutan

Before I started studying Photography, I studied Painting in the Verviers Art Academy, in Belgium.

The Dadaist Pataphysician writer Andre Blavier was then Verviers’ Librarian . It is in his house, covered in books and Paintings, that I got introduced to all the Artists. and Writers who, like me, were daily visitors. His wife, Odette, was an Artist herself and his daughter’s boyfriend, Yellow, finished his photographic studies the year, I started mine.

Being a fan of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Yellow went to photograph Ireland in 1966. The stark images he brought back really impressed me. I, myself, travelled to Ireland In 1969, on my first overseas Photographic adventure.

We published the book Ireland 1966/1969 in 2016.

Up to now, 16 books of my work have been published. Among them:

  • Ireland 66/69, with Guy Jungblut and Brian Leyden, Editions Yellow Now, Crisnee, Belgium 2016
  • Ben Lennon, The Tailor’s Twist, with Fintan Vallely and Martin Gaffney, FOBL, Dublin 2011
  • The Islands of Ireland, Thames and Hudson, London , 2005
  • Iles d’Irlande, Editions Hoebeke, Paris, 2005
  • L Eternel Irlandais, with Herve Jaouen, Editions du Chene, Paris, 2003
  • La Chevauchee des Kids, with Nicolas Reynard, Hoebeke, Paris, 2002
  • ‘ l’ Enfant et la Sorciere, with Michel Deon, Gallimard, Paris, 1998
  • Blooming Meadows, The World of Irish Traditional Musicians with Fintan Vallely and Charlie Piggott, Town House, Dublin, 1998
  • I have published Photography Editorials world wide: Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Stern, Airone, Geo, Figaro Magazine, The Observer, Sunday Review, The Independent, Sunday Times, Sports Illustrated, Sports International, Country Living, among others.

Visit my photography website at nutan.ie

Jacques Piraprez Nutan
Jacques Piraprez Nutan